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44-07-26 Sade Pleads to See a Movie


Few things bother Vic more than Gloria Golden. He deplores her films. It seems by the 1940's most every film that comes to the local Bijou and the surrounding theaters all show her films - and only her films.

Sade has heard and read about the current film in the Bijou, Smoldering Teardrops and she wants to go. Vic wants no part of seeing it. Sade keeps asking him.

Meanwhile, Russell has been told by Mildred Tisdel that he should consider a new hairstyle, so he's busy looking at himself in the mirror. After a while of looking at himself, he narcissistically begins telling Vic about his wonderful head features. Eventually, Vic is so sick of listening to Russell that he decides to take Sade to the movies.
This one may remind you of 40-02-20 Rush's Good Looks.


+ Russell is in the process of stitching up his "indoor baseball."   I have yet to figure out what this means.  Rush also stitched up an indoor baseball in a later episode.

A 1945 pompadour
+ Mildred suggested Russell change his hairstyle to a "pompadour" but Sade insists his hair is not long enough to do this.

+ A newspaper review of the Gloria Golden film called her, "The curly-headed darling of the civilized world."

+ Smelly Clark is older than Russell.

+ Mildred tells Russell that he had a noble head like Julius Caesar.

+ Russell says that he has intelligent eyes, a strong determined nose, sensitive ears, a rich curving chin, a sweet generous mouth, sturdy teeth, delicately-tinted gums and an appealing throat!

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