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44-07-27 Vic's Foreign Accent


Vic practices a foreign accent on Sade. She immediately smells a rat and begins piecing together (to Vic's embarrassment) why he is doing so. The kids at Consolidated Kitchenware, who hang around the switchboard during the noon hour (and more specifically Lolita di Rienzi) told him he ought to talk with a foreign accent because it goes with his personality.
You can't fool Sade!  And when she gets "going", she is intimidating!

A great chance for Vic to show off his dialect.


+ Florence Ratfunnel was mentioned for the first time. Her name was mentioned in the paper. She used to live on University Street and she and Sade were "almost chummy." Sade has not seen her in a while. The Ratfunnel's live on Jackson Street now. Her husband is named, Arthur.

+ Mis' Atwool Hoppers was mentioned.

+ Charlie Myers is mentioned. He lives on West Jefferson. There is no alley behind his house.

+ In a missing episode, it appears that Lolita also told Vic that he had "slender feet" "tapering wrists" and a "noble head." Sade makes mention that Russell was also told he had a "noble head" in the previous episode.

Vic (and Sade's) foreign accents (edited): {{{HEAR}}}

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1 comment:

  1. Freddie The LoaderNovember 9, 2014 at 7:25 PM

    Another one of those episodes that could cause embarrassment if you're listening to it on an iPod. People will wonder what you're laughing at. Sometimes you get pissed off at Sade for making too big a deal over some of Vic's nonsense, but not on this one. Vic deserves it. About the worst bit of dialect or foreign accent since Harlow Wilcox tried to tell an Irish joke with a brogue on a Fibber McGee & Molly episode.