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44-07-31 Hank Cuts His Debt to Vic


Vic gets a letter from Sick River Junction, Missouri; it's correspondence from the vacationing Hank Gutstop, who is visiting his brother there. He's sent Vic $8.00, a partial payment for the loans he's taken from Vic.

Sade though, wonders how much money Hank has borrowed over the years - and even Vic doesn't seem to know (edited): {{{HEAR}}}
I've never kept track of it but in the surviving episodes, I'm guessing Hank asked for a loan about once every twenty or so episodes.  Sometimes it was $2 - sometimes $200.


+ Russell talks about Blue Tooth Johnson bragging on himself. Yet two episodes back, Russell goes on and on about how maginficent his own head is.

+ Sade got a coupon in the mail from the Lazy Hours Pool Hall. This time, it's a "All the Cole Slaw You Can Eat with Every 6th Game of Rotation Pool Next Saturday Evening" coupon.

+ Russell says Blue Tooth gets an enormous thrill out of playing the game of dominoes.

+ Vic accidentally reveals that this $8.00 is the only money Hank ever payed him.

+ At the end of the episode, Vic is upset - maybe even crying - and one of the ways (seemingly) that Vic "gets back" at Sade is by going outside and coming in the front door, which is a Sade no-no.

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