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44-08-03 Sunday School Alumni Reunion


When an old friend of Russell's pays him a visit, he realizes how much things have changed in two years and sees how much he has grown.
This episode has the same theme as 39-12-xx Rush Is Getting On In Years but it's not taken from the same script.


+ At the beginning of the episode, the announcer refers to Fred Stembottom as "Ted."

Razor ad, August 1944
+ The friend who came for a visit is Fat Johnson. He and his family moved to Quincy, Illinois two years back. He used to be quite hefty but has lost a lot of weight. He was not only close friends with Russell but also Rooster Davis.

+ Russell used to belong to the "Blue Light Sunday School" class. They called themselves "The Warriors of the Right" and the class consisted of Russell, Rooster Davis, Allen "Fat" Johnson, Smelly Clark, Mildred Tisdel, Oyster Krecker, Eunice Raypole and Lester "L.W." Trout.

+ Lester Trout now goes by the monicker of "L.W." because it sounds more business-like. At age 16, he can be found behind the counter selling magazines and candy in the Chicago-Alton depot.

+ We find out that Smelly Clark has 2 gold teeth. He shaves every 5th Sunday and carries his razor in his hip pocket.

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