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44-08-04 Vic is Boss for a Day


Vic's bosses, Mr. Ruebush and Mr. Clooney are headed to Chicago and Vic tells the family that he's been put in charge of Plant Number 14 for the following day. But Sade asks some questions and the next thing you know, the real story comes out that Vic is going to be using Mr. Ruebush's office only because his own office is being worked on by carpenters.
Sade almost always knocks Vic down a notch. She may not be trying to hurt his feelings but she does anyway.


+ Russell mentions Art Flooper, Bernie Jeffers and Kyle McSmall. These are probably boys Russell knows from school.

+ Mr. Clooney was mentioned for the first time. He's probably the man at Consolidated Kitchenware who is directly under Mr. Ruebush.

+ Sade had gone shopping and Yamilton's had a sale on washrags - a dozen for a dollar. Sade didn't buy any.

+ Sade went shopping with Mis' Appelrot. It's amazing how their relationship has changed over the last half year or so of the program. The last time we have evidence of Mis' Appelrot not being nice is February of 1944, whe she inferred that Ruthie Stembottom is short (in stature.) That's six months of Mis' Appelrot and Sade getting along.

Jack Dempsey
+ Mis' Appelrot seems to be a very aggressive shopper, since Sade described her a "lion running through a jungle" for her ability to plow through the women who were shopping.  Sade compared Mis' Appelrot to "Ralph Dempsey." (She actually meant Jack Dempsey, the former heavyweight champ who last fought in 1919.)

+ Ike Kneesuffer is in a higher position at the plant than Vic.

+ Mis' Holloway is now Mr. Ruebush's secretary - in an earlier episode, his secretary was Mis' Holland.

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