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44-08-07 No Dinner Today


Sade has a dress to make and instructions in her head that she doesn't want to lose so she purposely fails to make lunch for Vic and Russell, who are forced to fend for themselves.
An amusing bit of radio, although not among the best of Vic and Sade.


+ Sade is trying to make a wool crepe dress with drop shoulders.

+ Neither Vic nor Russell like Portuguese Lima Bean soup and the sardines in the pantry is missing it's "key." Russell makes a joke that very few will "get" when he refers to George P. Thurston not even being able to open the can. Thurston was a leading British naval architect in the first half of the 20th century.

The Gooks also have milk, but neither want to drink any.
Wool crepe dress pattern circa 1945

+ In this episode, Vic says that he can't cook but in 39-06-05 Y.Y. Flirch Tries to Phone Vic he claims he would like to - and has plans to - cook a steak.

+ Sade is in the living room while the boys are in the kitchen for the majority of the episode.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!


  1. Actually I really like this one. Sade is funniest when she's completely ignorant of the effect her actions have on people. I like her assumption that the boys will be fine making their own lunch, as if she doesn't think they'll have any problem. Or maybe she knows they might have some trouble but decides they need to tough it out anyway. I love how she over exaggerates the food that's available- I forget the specifics but something along the lines of how delicious and wonderful each part is. She can't just say Sardines, and Vegetable soup- she always oversells it as lovely sardines, and delicious vegetable soup. Like i said, I might have gotten the adjectives wrong, but you get the point. That's such a Sade thing to do- as if her making it sound so good is going to convince the boys if they aren't interested in it. Love all the business of Vic's phone call with Ruthie too- Rhymer was so good at writing that sort of thing, where Vic can't hear what Ruthie is saying because Sade's yelling from the other room, and then when he finally repeats to Ruthie what Sade said, Sade thinks he's talking to her and yells again. Brilliant!

  2. Eric, thanks for your comment!

    You hit the nail on the head, Eric. She even refers to herself (twice) on the telephone as "scandalous" - as if she's thinking, "Yeah, I know the boys need their food but so what! I need a dress!"

    Also, being the homemaker, part of her job is provide the meals for Vic and Russell and she's busy with other things. Scandalous!