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44-08-09 Mr. Gumpox Has Lost His Dentures

The garbage man, Mr. Gumpox has lost his upper plate of dentures and asks those in the neighborhood if they wouldn't mind looking for them near their house. Sade is out looking for them when Vic and Russell arrive.

The plot is an excuse for the family to gab about the neighbors and on the subject of teeth, in general.

The premise used here would be most unusual for most shows but somehow you don't feel it's one bit out of the norm for Vic and Sade.

This episode also introduces us to some University Street neighbors we never knew existed before now, although we never find out exactly where they live.


+ At the beginning of the show, we find that Vic and Russell have just gotten back from the Bijou. There's a couple of odd things about this; firstly, Vic says he had to play hooky from work that afternoon to be able to go, making us know it was a weekday. Why then, wasn't Russell in school? Did he play hooky as well?

Another thing, we know that Vic hates Gloria Golden films. However, he explains why he went to the theater this day: A) he got to miss the last few hours of work; B) the theater was cool and it's obviously a warm, August day and C) we don't know it was a Gloria Golden film the boys saw.

We never find out the name of the movie the boys see at the Bijou but Hector Harwood was one of the stars in the film (though Gloria Golden is never mentioned we do find out it was a love story...)

Russell reminisces about older films and film stars he remembers: Gilmore Griswold in The Four Gun Cattle Thief and Wild Western Dynamite. He also recalls Bill Bleatman in The Cavalier Cowboy and I Hate You.

+ Sade has a variety of flower in her flower garden with the name, "Panther Blood" (not found on the internet, so we can assume it's made up.)

+ Vic and Russell talk about Sade before they ever reach her and both agree she's "close-fisted" - that is - she's a tightwad. I had never been given that impression in the previous episodes.

+ Mr. Gumpox's upper plate of false teeth cost over $100. According to this site, the current price for such is anywhere from $300 to $600.

+ Wallace Avenue is mentioned for the first time and it seems apparent that it lies to the west of where the Gooks live. Mr. Gumpox's garbage route begins at Kelsey Street and ends at Wallace Avenue. We don't know how large of an area that is.

+ Mis' Corkle is mentioned for the first time. She lives somewhere in the Gook's neighborhood - probably on University Street. She probably has a young son named Curtis.

+ Mis' Snyder is mentioned for the first time and also lives in the Gook's neighborhood, probably on University Street.  It's very possible that she is the wife of Grandpa Snyder.

+ Mis' Drummond is mentioned for the first time; her son is named Artie. They probably also live on University Street.

+ While the family is looking for Mr. Gumpox's teeth, Vic picks up a cigar butt and asks, "Is this them?"

+ Mis' Razorscum looks out her window as the neighbors in alleyway behind the Gook house search for the missing dentures. She does not help with the search and instead of ridiculing her or saying something nasty, Sade just says, "That's not like her."

+ The dentures are finally found by Mr. Overholt.

+ The script was a repeat from the days when Rush was doing the show since there is a script that shows Rush in it instead of Russell.

Vic is being silly: {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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