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44-08-14 Uncle Fletcher - Rest Extended


Maudlin Uncle Fletcher needs more time to rest up from staying the two weeks in the bridal suite.
A worthy candidate for one of the funniest of all Vic and Sade episodes, Uncle Fletcher is in top form. He tells two ridiculous stories (something he hadn't done for a very long stretch of the program) and they are some of his very best.


+ The Summer of 1944 had Vic wearing a straw hat to and from work.

+ Mis' Keller's rooming house is three blocks away from the Gook house - however, we aren't told the street nor direction. I've always assumed it was to the south of the Vic house.

+ Instead of saying "pow wow" (as in a meeting,) Uncle Fletcher says, "pow pow."

+ One time, Uncle Fletcher calls Vic, "Vickie honey."  It will be the first of many times he will use this phrase over the next  dozen or so episodes.

+ Vic tries numerous times to tell Sade something about Ike Kneesuffer and the Thimble Club but we never find out what that is. A clever trick by writer Paul Rhymer; connecting two unlikely partners together with some important information - yet never divulging what's actually going on, instead, teasing us over and over again.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Ray Baltgraw, from Norman Oklahoma. He learned to ride a tricycle at age 24. At age 30, he tackled the two wheeler. At age 48, he tackled the unicycle. At age 63, he attempted to ride a bicycle without any wheels!

In perhaps the funniest of all Uncle Fletcher stories, he tells the story of Baltgraw's friend, Art McFropp, who once mistook a saucer of dynamite for breakfast food and lost his sense of hearing.

+ In this episode (and the previous one,) Uncle Fletcher wants to make popcorn. Making popcorn involves building a fire, something quite unlikely in the hot month of August.

Art McFropp... {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!


  1. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your attention to detail and sheer passion for this project. I gain new appreciation for this show each time I read what you have to say, and that's mighty high praise as I already hold it in higher esteem than a horse!

    I've been out of the loop for a while (6-8 months?) but am back in circulation and diggin' on all these things I love again, sood to see you warking hard at what matters!!!!!

  2. Thanks Jeff. It's a labor of love.