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44-08-15 Vacation from a Vacation

Still at the Gook house recovering from his two week "job" in Hank Gutstop's bridal suite, Uncle Fletcher begins to get underfoot. Sade, normally one to take just about anything from Uncle Fletcher and return a smile, seems to be getting sick of him; well maybe it's not quite that bad but she is starting to wince a bit at him being around all the time and interfering with whatever she is doing. And the weather is hot...

Uncle Fletcher doesn't seem to faze Vic (probably because he can just go to Ike Kneesuffer's house anytime to rid himself of Uncle Fletcher.)

Uncle Fletcher explains he is going to go home. For a day. Just one day. He'll return. He just needs a vacation from his vacation.
What you read above is the whole story. This episode is devoid of any important trivia. The situation involving Uncle Fletcher's stay is the center and the outside of the episode.

This is episode is one you are likely to forget as there are no funny lines or memorable stories.


+ Muskegon, Michigan (mentioned by Uncle Fletcher as having a population of "several million") currently has a population of less than 50,000. I could find no population statistics for anything prior to 1989; I suspect in 1944 it may have had 15-20,000 people.

The Gooks have a cistern in their back yard. It's used to catch rainwater. This probably tells us that the house is probably pretty old.

+ Russell is at the YMCA to watch the fat men play handball.

+ Uncle Fletcher had broken stuff (accidentally) in the house "all day long" according to Sade. 

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