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44-08-16 A Dandy Picture of Vic


Vic is going to be featured once again in the Kitchenware Quarterly. Vic says they botched his picture and bio in the current issue (a missing episode?) but they have apologized and plan on making up for it in the next issue. He's at the house seeking the perfect photo to send in.

Meanwhile, Sade is expecting company and wants the house spotless. She's handed Russell a dust cloth but he seems reluctant to actually do any work.  The two stories go back and forth.
Not-so-memorable episode but fun none-the-less.

In the end, the best photo of himself that Vic can find is one where's hanging upside-down from a tree. He'll send that in and ask them to print it upside-down.


+ It's Mis' Brighton and her brother Willard that are coming over to see Sade.  Mis' Brighton is a particular housekeeper, according to Sade and this is why she is so set on having the house being perfect.

+ Despite the fact that Hank Gutstop is gainfully employed and has been for months, Russell attempts to tell Vic that he saw Hank at the Illinois Central depot (and though he is interrupted and we never hear the whole story, we might suspect that Russell saw him asleep there; Sade has seen him asleep there often.)

+ When Vic starts to go through the photos in the window seat, he finds there are seven photos of himself wearing women's hats. There's another of him sitting in Sade's lap.

+ Among the other photos is Steve Chestbutter riding a bicycle. There's another with Vic and Ike Kneesuffer and someone named I. H. Zee. Still another photo of Vic, Charlie Razorscum and Ike sleeping on a roof. Finally, there's a photo of Vic sitting on the garbage box.

+ Russell has to be barked at for dusting while sitting and then another time while laying on his back!

+ Kind of odd... the Brick Mush man calls and wants to know if they are in need of any brick mush.  In another episode where cleaning was also the priority (44-06-09 The Lunges are Coming) the Brick Mush man makes himself quite conspicuous, ringing the doorbell and asking if he can change his shoelaces on the Gook front porch.  Makes you wonder about writer Paul Rhymer's thought process...

Russell thinks Uncle Fletcher might be at the house - taking a vacation from a vacation from a vacation: {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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