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44-09-28 A Dun from Kleeburgers


In an odd twist, Kleeburger's department store informs Vic that he's overpaid in the recent past and they owe him $2.00. Knowing this, he decides to persue the store owner via telephone (after hours) and tell him he wants his money. Vic provides a villainous laugh to boot.

Writer Paul Rhymer waited until the second-to-the-last episode to have Vic be triumphant in this very long-running gag.

Incredible fun as we get to hear Vic act childish and go off the deep end. This will no doubt embarrass Sade (who frequents the store at least 3 times a week) - but this doesn't even seem to faze Vic. He is so far removed from rationale that he tracks down the store owner by phone at his Elder's meeting for his church!

This may remind you of Vic losing his reasoning as he did in 43-04-12 Dottie's New Dress.


+ Vic contends that he's always $2.00 in the hole at Kleeburger's because he is always buying a pair of socks or a tie at the end of the month. He also says the family always ends up spending $10 to $25 there every month.

Assume that Vic makes the hefty 1944 salary of $90 a month (it's likely it was far less than this.) Now, imagine him spending 15-30% of his monthly/yearly salary at Kleeburger's...

+ Sade gets another postal card from her sister, Bess. Sade never gets a chance to read it as Vic has gone off the deep end.

I have never kept track but this has to be in the range of the 12th to 15th correspondence from Bess during the series.

+ The owner of Kleeburger's department store (the "Old Man") is T.W. Kleeburger. His phone number is #6732-W. He is an elder at the Second Congregational Church. It's the first time that he or the church has been mentioned.

Vic has a villainous laugh! {{{HEAR}}}
In this episode, perhaps superseding any before it, shows just how childish Vic is.  Not just the silly, villainous laugh but the fact that all these years, Vic has owed money to Kleeburger's and the one time he is ahead, he puts the needle to the record and advances into a campaign of terror.

There is a side of Vic we never see where I think he is a monster, albeit, a silly one. - Jimbo
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