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45-11-20 Mis' Korkle, Strong Lady (The Return of Rush Gook)


The Korkells travel 20 blocks by foot to borrow sugar but what is even more fascinating is the story of Mis' Korkell's mother, who is a professional football player!
Rush returns to the broadcast and we are introduced to a new family, the Korkells and her brother, Orville.


+ Rush is back! {{{HEAR}}}

+ Rush and Blue Tooth Johnson had a discussion about who was better looking. Rush has had a problem with conceit in the past.

+ The Gooks are in the front room and all 3 visitors enter at different times throughout the play through the back door -- and none of them knock.

+ Vernon Korkell and his wife Edith live on the 700 block of Mulberry Avenue (Mulberry Avenue has never been mentioned in the series but Mulberry Street was mentioned in the very first episode.)

+ Mr. Gumpox's horse Howard stepped on Vernon's foot, bruising it.

+ Mis' Korkell's brother, Orville Wheenie (according to Wikipedia, played by Johnny Coons) is obviously a half-wit. Among the half-wit things he does is tell Rush that (he guesses) his sister "must be close to 30 years old" and he also tries to quiet down his accidental pompadour haircut with unusual items.

+ Vernon is a gas meter reader. His wife affectionately calls him, "Mr. Husband."

+ Vic accidentally calls Rush, "Russell."

+ Despite going through World War II and a stint in the Navy, Rush is still only 14 years old.

+ Edith has enormous strength as she can easily pick up her husband, which amazes Rush. She claims she got her strength from her mother.

+ Mis' Korkell's mother plays professional football (probably for Peoria.) Their mascot seems to be the Wildcats. They were to play the Pittsburgh coal mining team (men) the next Saturday in Pittsburgh. {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!


  1. I love most of Vic and Sade but I really don't
    like the ones when so many people are added.
    Why did they add people like Dottie and Dwight Twentysixler? Vic, Sade, Rush, Uncle Fletcher,
    and Russell were all the show needed. I was wondering, at the time did people like the change?
    Did people write to the show and want it back the
    way it was? Thanks.

  2. Hi there!

    Well Vic (Van Harvey) got sick with his heart and Uncle Fletcher was added. Then Rush (Idelson) joined the Navy and Vic was sick again. This left Uncle Fletcher and Sade. Once Vic was much better, the Brainfeebles left. Obviously, Rush was still in the Navy and would be for near the duration.

    I do understand the way you feel about the added live characters.

    I think Russell is better than a lot of people give him credit for.

    Thanks for your comment!