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45-11-19 Unwanted Samaritan


Mis' Harris and Sade bawl out Uncle Fletcher for being an unwanted "good" samaritan to Mr. Sprawl, Mis' Harris' elderly father.
Not a horrible beginning to what I shall call 'Series 2.' 

We are introduced to two new voices, Mis' Harris (called "Mrs. Florence Harris" by the announcer) and her father, Mr. Sprawl.

I never imagined Mis' Harris speaking the way she does, although to be honest, I never imagined the voice of Mis' Harris anyway. Mr. Sprawl doesn't say much and since he's brand new to the series, I didn't cringe when I heard his voice.

All-in-all, not a bad experience... however, this is a pretty boring story and likely was not the first episode in the Vic and Sade 'revival.'

Johnny Coons plays the part of Mr. Sprawl and actress Dolly Day plays Mis' Harris.

+ There appears to be something mysterious about the Donahue's attic.  I wish we knew more about the mystery, which I suspect either concludes later or is part of an earlier, missing episode.

+ It appears as though Dwight Twentysixler has a flame for Mis' Harris, who you may recall is a widow.

+ Mr. Sprawl (according to Wikipedia) was played by Johnny Coons. The actress that played Mis' Harris is uncredited.

+ Dr. Miller is Mr. Sprawl's doctor. He prescribed "fresh air and sunshine" for Sprawl, according to Mis' Harris.

+ Sweet Corn McBlock is mentioned. He's probably a large man and a cronie of Uncle Fletcher.

Normal, Illinois is famous for it's sweet corn.

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