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32-07-06 Mr. Ruebush invited to Dinner (Part Two)

  • Everything goes wrong as Mr. Ruebush and Sade's mother arrive at the Gooks' at the same time.
  •  Mr. Ruebush arrives for dinner. He persistently rings the bell, but  Sade won't let him in – she's fretting over her dress.  She suggests Mis'  Fisher could pretend to be Vic's wife.  Ruebush leaves. Sade's mother  calls. Vic is short with her and Sade gets annoyed. She tells him dinner's  ruined.  Mis' Fisher phones to ask if the Gooks' doorbell is working.  Sade changes into her black dress but rips it in the process.  Meanwhile the back door buzzer buzzes constantly. It's Mr. Ruebush.
  •  Sade's mother and Mr. Ruebush are alternating at front and back doors.  Mis' Fisher calls to see if they know there are people outside trying to get in.  Mr. Ruebush sees Vic through the window. Vic waves like an idiot.  Mr.  Ruebush and Sade's mother are talking.  Mis' Fisher is coming across the lawn...
  • Vic: "I bet your mother's asking (Mister) Rubbish what he wants here and he's probably telling her to go jump in the lake, and the three of ‘em will probably break the door down."  
  • Sade: "Vic… 
  • Vic: "It's been a great dinner party, hasn't it?"
  • Sade: "Oh, Vic!" (She cries hysterically, and he laughs.) - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason

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