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32-07-07 Sade Brings Up the Subject Of Adoption

  • Vic and Sade enjoy a perfect summer evening on the porch. She asks if Vic really intends to buy a car.
  • He knows he can get a good buy on a "used Titan – 6 cylinder job –   for less'n you'd have to pay for this year's Thompson."      
  • Sade says they don't really need a car, besides she thinks Vic's afraid of automobiles. 
  • Sade announces she'd rather use the car money to adopt a child – a  little girl about 3, 4, or 5.  Vic says no.      
  • (Vic greets Pete Donahue -aka Mr. Donahue- who's passing by)
  • Sade: "I mean I love you so much that I… I just choke up inside.  I'm so crammed full of love for you that I need… I need someone else to …. to help me love you.  Vic is adamantly opposed to her proposal.
  • Sade says they need something to share, be interested in, and work for, and a little girl… Vic: "Little girl, nothin'! Little boy!"
  • Sade's pleased. Tells Vic to think of a little boy. they could call him "Vic."  
  • Sade goes in to get him a cigar. He chuckles to himself as he lectures an imaginary son on the topic of dealing with bullies.  Sade returns. Vic denies that he was saying anything. - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason

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