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32-07-08 Sade Outfoxes Vic On Adoption

  • Sade's mother has rearranged the furniture. Vic bumped into it, and he wants Sade to know her mother has caused him injury.
  •  Her mother has also destroyed the picture on the mantle of Vic wearing Mable's hat. Sade tried but couldn't prevent the destruction.  He's in a foul mood, and ready to nix the proposed adoption.  Sade waylays Vic with a request that he teach her solitaire, which he's eager to do.
  • Sade interjects – piece by piece – info that an old schoolmate, Mary Meadows and her family are in bad shape.  Mary hinted that the Gooks could take one of her four kids (2 boys, 2 girls – oldest boy is Victor, age 9).
  •  Vic thinks Mary wants to shove off one of her kids on them.  He's surprised the boy's name is Victor. Sade hints she thinks the boy was named for him, and he's mildly interested.
  • Back to the solitaire game, Sade mentions Victor's kind of a rough-neck – pitcher on his school baseball team, and he tends to clutter up a house with bats, balls, and things.
  • Vic softens, tells Sade to write and have Mary send the boy to visit.  Sade: "I already have. He's coming next week."
  • Vic blusters opposition. Sade points out all the mistakes he's made in the card game. - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason

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