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32-07-09 Vic Buys a Bicycle


  • Vic practices a speech to his co-workers when Mis' Fisher calls for Sade, who's not home.  He goes back to his speech, which is to be presented at the first book-keeping department banquet.  Sade returns, and his joke falls flat with her.
  • A trunk arrives from Croucher's for the boy to put his things in. Vic thinks $12 is too much to spend since the boy's only staying a week. 
  • Meanwhile, a bike arrives, costing $34.25, and Sade points out it's a little small for Vic who voices his intention to ride it.  Sade praises his thoughtfulness, and Vic says the boy can stay as long as he likes.  He makes a stab at composing more of his speech, but is distracted by the bike to the point where he winds up riding it around the living room.
  • Mis' Fisher sees him through the window and phones in alarm.
  •  Sade tries to reassure her there's nothing wrong with Vic, as he continues to ride and shout, "Whee!" - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
The average boy's bicycle cost $24 in the 1940's, according to the television show, American Pickers.

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