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32-07-11 Vic's In Line for a New Position

  • Vic arrives home in high spirits, as he's in line to take over as Chief Accountant at Consolidated Kitchenware, Plant #14 from Frank Whitson, who's going to Plant #5.
  • Sade wonders if Charley Kilgore, a college man, doesn't have the edge, but "Rubbish" (Mr. Ruebush) winked at Vic so he's sure he'll get the job.
  • Vic calls to invite Fred & Ruthie Stembottom to play rummy.  This is their first mention.
  • Vic admits today's good news overshadows yesterday's bad news –  their oil bonds defaulted, and they're broke. Now he talks of moving to a better home – the 1200 block of East Washington Street.
  • Mr. Ruebush calls and asks Vic what he thinks of Kilgore; naturally Vic thinks Kilgore has the edge now.
  • Vic and Sade are terrified. the bonds are gone, the boy's coming, and the new job ain't a sure thing; they cancel the rummy game.
  • Sade says in no uncertain terms that they're still going to take the boy in.
  • Kilgore phones to let Vic know Ruebush called him to ask   about Vic's character.  They wonder what the boss has up his sleeve.  Vic wishes him good luck.- compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
I can understand now why Vic and Sade was classified (at one time anyway) a soap opera. This script seems in no way funny; as a matter of fact, this seems like a totally serious script and in some ways down-heartening: the Gooks losing all of their bonds; an opening for Vic at the plant (the job was made for him) and him maybe not getting it; and the perils and worries of adopting the son at the same time!

As we know, the show did change a lot from these first few episodes. As a matter of fact, the addition of Rush will cause an almost immediate change. Paul Rhymer took the smart route of making the stories ridiculous - because I certainly wouldn't be following the people had they kept the same road.  Perhaps he had this in mind from the very beginning?

It also seems that Vic does not have a college degree - as a matter of fact, may not even be college educated at all.  I lean this way, since this seems to be inferred by the notes from Barbara Schwarz.

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