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45-11-26 Sweetcorn, A Shattered Bullfinch


Sweet Corn McBlock, a rather new member of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way lodge, is being kicked out by Vic for not paying his dues.
This episode may remind of you 42-xx-xx Lodge Speech Rehearsal where Vic rehearses throwing Hank Gutstop out of the lodge.

In this episode though, he uses a different ritual and isn't quite as animated as he was in his rehearsal of throwing out Hank.


+ Orville Wheenie is an apprentice meter reader and he fears he is about to get fired from his job. He's been falling asleep reading meters in people's basements and cellars.

+ Wheeney is all confused about what a pompadour is and what it's supposed to do. He's trying to get it to lay down and may even send to Chicago for something called "Grizzly Bear Grease" to get his to do so.

+ The speech for Gutstop's removal referred to him as a "bob-o-link with a broken wing" - this speech has McBlock repeating to Vic that he is a "shattered bullfinch."

+ The speech for McBlock (edited): {{{HEAR}}}
Oh despicable fragment of hateful scum, you are a loathesome reptile! Your glittering sword I snatch, oh miserable wretch! I sunder this standing blade, oh stumbling pig! Miserable wretch, I chastise you! Miserable wretch, sob and weep! Miserable wretch, tear your hair! Miserable wretch, scream and shriek!
+ It takes an hour by train to get to Peoria from where the Gooks live.

+ McBlock has taken a 3 day job in Peoria helping build a walk by the Illinois River. He gets paid $7.50 a day.

+ McBlock is in the habit of calling Vic, "V.R."

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