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45-11-23 Five Sleeping Beauties


It's late November and quite chilly but Uncle Fletcher and Dwight Twentysixler plan to sleep on the courthouse lawn. They hope to persuade Vic and Rush to join them and also plan to invite Mr. Sprawl, who is over 90 years old.
It's amazing what fame will do to the common sense of some people (that's not to say that Fletcher Rush and Dwight Twentysixler have any common sense at all.) Ernie Pompell, one of the writers at the newspaper, has promised the men a story (maybe even on the front page) if they'll brave the elements.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to Mr. Twentysixler, a man who always has roof shingles in his mouth. Everything he says is a mumble, yet the Gooks and Uncle Fletcher seem to have figured out his language.


+ The Donahue attic mystery continues: The previous night, Sade says she saw the Donahue's leave for the Bijou at 7:15. Mis' Harris claims at 8 pm, she was the lamp swinging in the attic!

+ Uncle Fletcher lists all of the men who like to sleep on the courthouse lawn during the warmer weather: Sweet Corn McBlock, Y.I.I.Y. Skeeber, Hank Gutstop, B.B. Baugh, Pelter Unbleet and his imaginary brother(!), Roy DelFino and Rishigan Fishigan.  Delfino is a name we have not come across before. He can rub his bare feet together and produce a clear blue flame!

+ Uncle Fletcher has made a habit in "series 2" of calling Rush, "Rushie."

+ We find out Mr. Sprawl's first name is "Mervin."

+ When Fletcher asks Vic and Rush if they would care to join them on the lawn, each answer in the negative before the question can be fully asked.

+ Twentysixler has a married daughter who lives in Dismal Seepage. Ohio.

Voice of Twentysixler: {{{HEAR}}}

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