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45-12-06 Rainy Day Fun in Kitchen


Sade is trying to entertain her Thimble Club ladies on a weekday only to have oceans of interruptions and guests in her kitchen.
This episode has the same spirit and style of the older episodes, probably due to the fact that there is a lot of interaction between Rush, Vic and Uncle Fletcher. Rush actually gets some lines in this play.


+ Sade says Vernon Korkell came by (the day before) to read the gas meter. Mr. Gertner was also there the day before to check on the water. She also mentions the Brick Mush man was there the day before as was Mr. Erickson, checking on the back porch.

This sounds a whole lot like episode 45-11-27 Parade of Interruptions which is dated 10 days before this episode. I'm not saying someone along the line that the person who dated this episode (either in the official Vic and Sade logs or whatever) got this wrong -- but this seems like compelling evidence that it could be wrong.

+ Mis' Appelrot tries to give an essay to the Thimble Club ladies about "The Big Trees of California."

+ This is one of the few episode where it is mentioned that it is raining outside. Other episodes include 42-07-xx Thunderstorm and 44-08-01 Rotten Old Overshoes.

+ Uncle Fletcher rode over to the Gook house in the back of Mr. Gumpox's wagon, scrunched down, with a tarp over him as he tried to avoid the rain. This created steam and he talks about it almost the entire episode.

+ Mr. Sprawl has a whistle he got at the Ten Cent store. He calls it a "siren" and says it will be used for getting his daughter's attention when he wants soup or nuts with chocolate smeared on the outside. He blows it in the kitchen, twice, alerting and disturbing Sade during the Thimble Club meeting.

+ Jimmy Custard arrives and he is more confused than ever, referring to Vic, Uncle Fletcher and Mr. Sprawl all by the wrong names - he even thinks Mr. Sprawl is the "lady of the house" and calls Sade, "Mr. Montgomery."

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