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45-12-07 There's Going to be a Great Day


The city the Gooks live in has been accepted to host the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way Convention in May of 1946 and Vic is to be Grand Marshal.
A fun episode.


+ This episode marks the end of the surviving "Series 2."  The next series originally was a 30 minute series that had a live audience.

+ Mis' Harris is over visiting Sade (and Rush) and the three talk about the Donahue attic mystery.

+ Sade, for the first time in the entire series, refers to Mis' Donahue as "Mrs. Donahue."

+ Sade, who previously said she was going to confront Mis' Donahue about the attic goings-on changes her mind in this episode as she says, "Until she says something herself about this business, I'm certainly not going to."

+ Uncle Fletcher gives his two cents about the attic, saying he doubts there is a insane murderer or "hairy ape gnawing at his chains" crouching up there.

+ Being the Grand Marshal, Vic was given his choice of transportation: a horse, a motorcycle or a rickshaw. He chose all three!

+ During the convention, Vic has the duty of climbing up on his roof and shooting off a Roman candle at midnight. He'll also have to install 3 extra telephones in his house.

+ In passing, Vic mentions there will be dirigible balloon rides.

+ Uncle Fletcher mentions Ernie Spoocher from Belvidere, Illinois.

+ Vic feels so good about the news, he gives Mis' Harris a kiss.

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