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46-07-11 Chief of Police Visits


Vic has offered Chief of Police William Cullerson the use of his front room for his office while workman are at work at the police station.  The Chief is on the lookout for a man with endless aliases.

Vic wants to help and gets a hold of a uniform.  This gives him a chance to play a tough Irish cop.

Uncle Fletcher told stories like crazy when he first joined the cast.  They gradually tarried off into no stories at all (during the end of the "Series 1.")  "Series 2" saw a smattering of stories but none of them really worth writing about.

This episode, however, harkens back to the first days of Uncle Fletcher, in that he tells a bunch of stories.  Some of them are rehashes of previous stories - or at least he uses elements of things that he's previously used.

Still, this is the Uncle Fletcher we got to know and love when he came aboard.


+ The narrator says Rush is mending his seam on his "indoor baseball." This was the same thing Russell was doing at the beginning of episode 44-07-26 Sade Pleads to See a Movie. And I still don't know what an "indoor baseball" is.

+ Uncle Fletcher talks about F.L. Rodgisherly, who gave the advice of, "Never go to sleep." His life seems to parallel those of Eugene Parklow and George McFulferm (or perhaps Uncle Fletcher just has his names mixed up.) He ran for coroner and got beat. Ran for sheriff and got beat. His one big ambition was to run for mayor and get beat; he realized that ambition.

+ Uncle Fletcher talks about Virgil K. McSneese who married a woman 38 years old, hit her on the head with a straw suitcase in disgust, poked her father in the jaw, wore his shoes on the wrong feet and held a section gang at bay with a 2x4 plank.

+ Uncle Fletcher talks about Bobton L. McQuirk who invented a vinegar bottle that had a button.  Married a woman 19 years old.  Deserted the powdered rabbit business.  Painted his house and barn without the use of either paint or paintbrush.  Died.

+ Uncle Fletcher talks about Mervin L. Melkowitz who refused all drinking water that didn't come from a stream in Idaho.

+ Police Chief Cullerson is on the lookout for Cortney Van Corlick (aka The Cunning Culprit from Covington, Kentucky, aka The Intrepid Evildoer of El Dorado, Arkansas, aka Ronald Rudman the Ruthless Ruffian from Radford, Rhode Island, aka Irving Ishouwood the Injurious Ingrate from Indianapolis, Indiana, aka Phillip Peggles the Purloined Pickpocket from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -- whose real name is Pete McPunker.)

+ In a fun swipe at Uncle Fletcher, Vic tells Rush to "Go down cellar."

+ Mr. Sprawl shows up looking for his daughter Mis' Harris. When he notices Chief Cullerson and then Vic dressed up as a cop, he tries to flee under the davenport, spilling all of his peanuts with the chocolate smeared on the outside of them.

+ Vic, who somehow has a police uniform for himself, puts it on and talks now and then with an Irish accent: {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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