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46-07-18 Midsummer Madness


When the people around her begin losing their temper, Sade suspects "Midsummer Madness."
"Midsummer Madness" is the heat of the summer; everyone is hot, bothered and irritable.


+ Ruthie Stembottom had some kind of argument with Mr. Kroucher, the grocer - so bad of an argument that she said she would not trade with him anymore.

Later though, they make up and things between them seem to be back to normal.

+ After Rush gets kicked out of the Bijou (by manager Milton Ferberman, no less) for making comments about Four-Fisted Frank Fuddleman and Gloria Golden, he plans on suing the theater. Recall Blue Tooth Johnson had plans on more than one occasion to do this as well.

However, later, Mr. Ferberman calls up Rush offers him $1.75 to usher at the evening picture show, which Rush gratefully accepts.

+ Vic and his boss Mr. Ruebush exchanged feverish remarks about a missing paper.

However, Mr. Ruebush calls later and apologizes and invites Vic to the Butler House Hotel to eat supper.

It is revealed Mr. Ruebush's initials are "J.K."

+ Uncle Fletcher comes over to the Gook house complaining that he's been insulted by landlady, Mis' Keller and plans to give her his six months' notice. (Actually, it seems he was mad because she threw out hyena grease because it was stinking and put on top of her sideboard.)

He's also mad at her because "she claims she's too busy to listen" to his dreams.

However, she later calls and everything seems to be all right.

+ Uncle Fletcher keeps his hyena grease in a crock that says, "Compliments of Sweet Esther, Wisconsin" on it.

+ It rains in this episode.

Here's Bernadine Flynn as Sade and Clarence Hartzell as Uncle Fletcher doing a commercial for Fitch Shampoo: {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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