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46-07-25 Moving to Peoria


Vic comes home with startling rumors: Consolidated Kitchenware Plant Number 14 is moving to Peoria! But Vic is so excited about the "news" that he begins acting rash.
Not a memorable episode and the sound quality is well-below par.


+ Rush reads from a Third Lieutenant Stanley novel; this one is about counterfeiting diesel engine mechanics!

+ Smelly Clark's grandmother lives in Towanda.

+ Blue Tooth Johnson's father works for the Chicago-Naulton railroad.

+ Both Dismal Seepage, Ohio (Plant #7) and Sweet Esther, Wisconsin (Plant #4) are home to Consolidated Kitchenware Plants.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Arladeen Hogsflat (perhaps Hogflutch) who loved all states but especially West Virginia. Was an armed guard at the Missouri State Home for the Tall. In 1909, quit that job and became Supervisor of the Laundry at the Ohio State Home for the Bald.

+ Harry Dean makes his "Series 3" debut, bringing Vic a ticket (one-way to Peoria) that he had accidentally left at the interurban station. According to Rush, Dean likes to hang around the station. After Sade finds out Vic has bought a ticket to Peoria, she treats him with ice and has him lay down.

+ Chief Cullerson and Harry Dean both seem familiar with Ike Kneesuffer and seem to be acquainted with indoor horseshoes.

+ The telephone number for Consolidated Kitchenware Plant #14 is #8956-W.  Mr. Ruebush's secretary is Edith Ferris.

+ The lease expiration date for the Consolidated Kitchenware property is May 11, 1976.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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