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46-08-08 The Honeymoon Couple


A stranded honeymoon couple (Albert and Hazel Gibbers) somehow gets a hold of Sade; the bride's mother knew Sade's mother.  So, Sade readily offers assistance.

However, upon further inspection, it's all been a case of mistaken identity.

Meanwhile, Uncle Fletcher fears the couple could be burglers.
Another of those episodes that seem to be inconsequential to the series. While it's fine for a curiosity, it lacks charm and the show lacks interest because it centers around people not named Vic, Sade, Rush and Uncle Fletcher.


+ Rush had been playing baseball at Tatman's vacant lot.

+ In this and the previous 2-3 episodes, there has been considerable talk about Rush having food on his face and him only leaving it there because he hasn't yet bothered to remove it with his tongue. 

+ Sade had sent Charlie Husher after Rush and told him she had sent Blue Tooth Johnson to Consolidated Kitchenware after Vic.

Which makes you wonder: Why wasn't Blue Tooth playing baseball also?

Was there something wrong with the Gook telephone that would cause Sade to not use the telephone to get a hold of Vic?

Consumer Price Index 1941-1951
And while one can halfway see the logic in Sade sending for Rush, there seems to be very little logic in the fact that she interrupted Vic's day at work and had him come home to miss a few hours of pay. After all, this was August of 1946. Inflation was high. Money was short.

+ Sade's mother died in 1931.  Her name was Margaret.  Her father's name was George.

+ Uncle Fletcher somehow knew Hazel's Uncle Pete was employed at the Ohio Home for the Abstinent and an Uncle Ray who was employed at the Missouri Home for the Agreeable.

And oddly, Mis' Keller is Hazel's aunt.  Mis' Keller is referred to as Annabel in this episode yet she's known as Leota in every other episode, aside from the Philco Hall of Fame broadcast.

+ Pelter Unbleet had been in Towanda this day, where there had been a rash of burglaries.  The authorities know who is responsible: Wicked Willis Walters, the wretched wolverine from Westcott, Wyoming (and his gun "mule.")  [Although later, Uncle Fletcher refers to the criminal as Wicked William Walters...]

+ The actress who played Hazel Gibbers was Beverly Thorson.

A Fitch commercial with Vic (Art Van Harvey) and Sade (Bernadine Flynn): {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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