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46-08-22 Sade and Mis' Kessler Fight

Sade, having gone over to Mis' Kessler's home to borrow an egg beater, comes home all in a dither because the two had a "monstrous" quarrel over Mis' Trogle's shoe size!

Then Mis' Kessler comes over and the argument continues but it's far from being "monstrous."

And when the argument can't be settled, Vic has a simple solution to ending it.
One of the better episodes in "Series 3" but that's not saying much.

Gone are the card games, the talk of Rush's daily activities and the thousand other little things that make Vic and Sade special.  "Series 3" continues on as if it's a different show altogether.


+ The episode begins with Rush reading from a Third Lieutenant Stanley novel. The enemy he faces is a counterfeiting clarinet virtuoso.

The book tells of the Lieutenant waving a crimson pennant. When asked by Vic why the Lieutenant would do this, Rush states that it's done by the Lieutenant to show he liked the kisses from Lady Margaret. If he doesn't enjoy the kisses, he "whips out a green pennant and waves it." He also has a brown pennant he waves if he enjoys a hug she gives him and a purple pennant if he doesn't enjoy the hug. He also has a grey pennant if he enjoyed the kiss but not the hug. There's also a burnt orange pennant to wave if he enjoyed the hug but not the kiss. If he enjoyed both the hug and the kiss, there's a maroon pennant to wave. There's also a striped pennant... but we never find out what that's for - and it might be a good thing we don't know.

+ Sade says Mis' Trogle wears size 5½ shoe, Mis' Kessler says 4½.

+ Mis' Kessler is a member of the Thimble Club.

+ Mis' Watson was mentioned for the first time; she lives on Chestnut Street. She likes Sade's peanut brittle and is a member of the Thimble Club.

+ Mis' Armbruster was mentioned also for the first time. She is an 87 year-old member of the Thimble Club. She has been known to be somewhat confused as she told the ladies her son was a balloonist (he might actually be a balloonist, yet the ladies still think she's confused.) She also thought Mis' Trogle wore size 4½ shoe.

+ Rogers' shoe store was mentioned for the first time. It's owned by (drum roll) Mr. Rogers who also makes his V&S debut.

+ Mis' Trogle's daughter is Margaret who is about 11 years old.  She talks to Vic on the phone and tells him that her mother wears 2 different shoe sizes.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Larry Wayne from Dismal Seepage, Ohio; he founded the city of Blue Grove, Minnesota and named every street in the city "Alvira Jordle."  He married a woman aged 36 - he was also 36

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Verly W. Rozstingy who tried to get the Southeastern part of North Dakota to succeed from the union.  Married a woman 19 years old and hit her on the head with a coal scuttle immediately after the wedding ceremony so there wouldn't be any doubt in her mind who was boss.

+ The part of Mis' Kessler was played by veteran actress Viola Berwick.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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