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32-08-02 Rush Has a Toothache

  • Rush isn't eating his breakfast.  Vic: "Y'oughta eat, son. Make blood and muscle so's you'll be full of snap and ginger all day. If you don't eat any breakfast, your pals'll get ahead of you in whatever you're going to do today."
  • Vic and Sade think maybe he needs a checkup from Dr. Jeffers. But it unfolds that he needs to see Dr. Keevy, the dentist.  Vic tells of George W. Hulsizer, the famous spit-ball pitcher who played for the Cardinals long ago. He had to have six teeth pulled and went to Dr. Keevy.  Rush doubts that. Vic swears to it.
  • The pitcher was in the dentist's chair for all of four minutes – he raised cain because he thought Keevy hadn't done his job – but the job was done and George never realized it. Rush is impressed.
  • Sade offers to buy the tooth for $1.  She suggests Vic go along to show Rush it's painless.  Vic panics, as he has a tooth that needs pulling. Sade calls Doc Keevy.  As soon as she hangs up, Vic and Rush reappear, claiming Keevy's out of town in Clinton.  
  • Vic: "And it makes it kinda bad because Rush and me are in a sweat to get our teeth pulled out." - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason 
Not just Rush but Vic is afraid of dentists...


* Dr. Keevy would be the dentist for Vic and Rush the entire series.  It is unknown what dentist Sade went to, or if she even visited the dentist.

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