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33-08-11 Tarzan in the Kitchen

1932 film poster
  • Vic's working on the July invoices. Sade promises to keep his work area quiet.  Rush is at Seymour's vacant lot and probably won't be back til noon.  
  • Vic begins: Toledo – 259, Cleveland – 458, Indianapolis – 784, Akron – 752, Muncie – 180.  Rush bursts in, having torn his pants.  A salesman at the back door is selling collar buttons and shoelaces. Does Vic need any?
  • Sade: "Gov is as cranky as a man with prickly heat."
  • Rush comes back in to see if Vic wants to buy any safety pins.
  • Vic: "Bring that man in here, Rush, and I'll shove his safety pins down his throat. Now get out!"  Sade interrupts Vic to ask if Rush is bothering him. Rush swats a fly on Vic's head.
  • Rush, back in the kitchen, lets out a Tarzan yell. He and Sade apologize to Vic. They didn't think he could hear them.  Vic: "Hear you?! Pretty near broke my eardrum."  Rush says it wasn't like the fella did it in the movie anyway. Sade agrees; Rush demonstrates again.  Sade corrects him – shows how it should be done.
  • Vic accuses them both of having fallen asleep in the Theater, and he gives it a try, then asks for quiet. Just as he gets back to work, the phone rings.  
  • Nosy Mis' Fisher called to see "What's doin'?"
  • Vic goes back to work and stops to try the Tarzan yell several times. Sade thinks Vic's calling her.  Rush runs in. Mis' Donahue stopped to borrow something and he had to hide ‘cause he's only wearing underwear. Vic tells him to sit on the davenport like a statue.  Rush offers Vic a piece of peeled orange. He tosses a piece which lands on Vic's work. Sade enters; Mis' Donahue wonders what's the best way to drive to Lake Bloomington.
  • Vic gives directions; Sade can't remember them.  He refuses to repeat, claiming he's been driven insane.
  • Rush sees visitors approaching: the Spotheaven family.  "And they got their dog."
  • Vic tells Sade and Rush they're going to hear how Tarzan of the Apes yells when he really yells.  (And he yells like everything.) - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
This was specially broadcast at the World's Fair from Chicago.  We have a photograph of the cast at the World' Fair, probably from this same date in 1933:

August 11, 1933
August 11, 1933 was Children's Day at the Chicago World's Fair.

Every now and then, there is an episode where Vic is at home, extremely busy but summons up empathy for Rush and becomes a boy right with him.  This is one of those episodes.

Combine that with the fact that Sade also seems to want to interrupt Vic for no good reason and you have a "crazy episode."
Lake Bloomington is circled

There are a few important facts to note about this episode: Lake Bloomington was mentioned for the first time; this provides us more incentive to believe the town the Gooks live in is Bloomington, not Cropper, Cooper etc. etc.

There seems to be real evidence here that Tarzan the Ape Man (the first film of the franchise from 1932) was shown at the Bijou and Rush was a fan.

This may have been the first mention of Mis' Donahue.


  1. One astonishing point about this story is the fast that the Bijou has shown a film that did NON star Gloria Golden or Four-fisted Frank Fuddleman1 (Oh for a script recreator: this sounds like one of the funniest episodes Rhymer ever wrote!)

  2. I think you will eventually find about 10 or so films in the Bijou not starring wither GG or FFFF...

  3. Template for many later episodes. Vic brings home work to be where it is quiet and trouble visits. This would be one of the classics if the show disk existed!