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32-08-20 Vic Forgets Sade's Birthday; Makes a Quick Recovery

  • Vic, Sade, and Rush relax on the porch in the evening. Vic and Rush talk baseball; Sade's grumpy but denies the emotion.  Suddenly she announces she's going to walk to Ruthie Stembottom's house – alone.  
  • Vic's frightened by this behavior, and he and Rush have no clue what caused this mood in her.  He guesses maybe she's worried about gaining weight or her hair, complexion, or clothes. Vic attributes this to her age.  Rush asks how old she is. Vic: "She's 33… pretty near 34.  Be 34… (pause) … (all of a sudden) Great Jumpin' Jiminy!" Vic asks Rush if it's the 20th of August. Rush doesn't know. They check the paper (the Daily Pantagraph).  It is The 20th – Sade's birthday. Vic berates himself for having forgotten.
  • Rush says "Let's go get her. Carry her home. Tell her we knew it all the time."  They prepare for an emergency party.
  • Vic calls Old Man Mulraney, who lives over his jewelry store. He wants to buy Sade a wristwatch and a nice Eastern Star pin. Mulraney's  boy will run them over and stop at Croucher's to grab a quart of ice cream.
  • They continue to prepare and Sade shows up, calmer.  They pretend nothing unusual is in the works.  
  • She tries to tell Vic a story about Fred and Ruthie. Vic pretends he's sleepy and cues Rush to go in with him.  Sade thinks she'll stay up awhile. Vic lures her inside by telling her the sink's clogged up. 
  • She sees the table and screams in ecstasy.  Rush asks if she's laughing or crying. She says she's doing both. - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
According to this episode, Sade was born August 20, 1898.  However, like Rush, she will age at a rate of about one and a half year for every six years she was on the show...

The newspaper is the Daily Pantagraph.  And guess what?  It's a real paper - as a matter of fact, it's currently online and it covers the Bloomington/Normal, Illinois area.

Are we to believe that Vic is a member of the Eastern Star?  Sade hates the lodge - why would he buy her such an impractical gift?


  1. A theme repeated over and over in films and shows, husband (boyfriend) forgets girl's birthday, anniversary, etc. A very sweet and tender moment.

  2. An accurate reflection of real lives. Men simply don't make much of anniversaries, but women use them as moments to celebrate the past year and think about the future. The party plan between Vic and Rush is pure satisfaction for listeners (and readers here).