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32-09-10 Is Rush Going to Stay?

  • Sade greets Vic as he arrives home.  She'd seen him stop and chat with Harry Plink, who told him a joke that "wasn't a ladies' story".  She saw him smile at Mis' Bucksaddle – doesn't understand why men find her attractive. She expects Rush and Squirt rode their bikes up to the lake and won't be back in time to eat with them.  Besides lots of housework, Sade's been thinking – she got a letter from Rush's mother, Mary Meadows.
  • Seems Mary Meadows' sister, Flory (Florence) married a man from Colorado eight or nine years ago. Somebody left him a lot of money. They never had children, and they'd be willing to take Rush in, seeing as how Vic and Sade "ain't got much to do with" (she's afraid Vic is going to lose his job and won't be able to support Rush.)  Vic greets Steve Croucher going by, and then Mr. Clem as he passes.
  • Mary didn't suggest it outright but Sade fears Mary thinks Rush would be better off with folk who can give him advantages money affords.  Vic tells her Rush wouldn't be any happier than he is with them.  He says Mary's just testing Sade to see how she feels about it.  Sade thinks it might have been better if they hadn't taken Rush at all.
    (Jonathan Spicer walks past.)
  • Sade sat down to answer Mary's letter in a hurry, but then couldn't think of what to say. Vic brings up the possibility he'll be laid off – says white collar execs will be the first to go.  He'd still be on the payroll, but might only work one or two weeks in a month.  It's the guys in overalls that get the actual work done.
  • Vic's saying if he gets laid off, they couldn't do right by Rush.
  • Sade thinks he means they should send Rush to Flory. Vic says no, there should be no whooping, hollering, or crying if and until things do get bad.  He just wants to be prepared.  He asks Sade to give him a good laugh.  She does. - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason 
Some of these early episodes just don't feel like they are a part of the Vic and Sade we know. This is one of them.

There are no crazy stories, just the depressed and worried couple sitting on the front porch.

Another thing - there are many characters in this episode that are never heard from again.

There's a Steve Croucher in this episode; he must be the son of Emil Croucher, the grocer.


  1. Something to think about. This lends gravity to the love they have for Rush, that they even consider giving him to someone with more money for his benefit. The Depression has little meaning these days, but back then it was very serious business. This show reflects the times and the stresses on lives. Nothing wrong with grounding characters in reality to make the humor to come that much more enjoyed.

  2. By the way, you probably never saw Mis Bucksaddle in that chiffon silk wraparound!