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32-09-16 Vic Worries About Employment

  • Sade had locked Vic out, having been frightened when she saw tramps in the neighborhood. She teases Vic coyly, asking him to kiss her through the screen door.  Vic says he can get all the free kisses he wants, but won't say where.  (they greet Harley Runsatchel as he passes.) He says he'll kiss Sade through the screen door.  (Vic greets Mr. Dunslob, who's passing by.)  Sade's been cooped up in the house all day and suggests they sit in The swing awhile.
  • Vic agrees. He mistakes a little girl for a boy.  Sade: "It's little Helen Foos, pretty as a picture, an' her dad is homely as a mud fence."  Sade mentions Helen's mother Margaret Mary Foos isn't as pretty as she was since her last two babies arrived.
  • Rush has gone to the movies with Squirt. This is the night children under 12 get in 2 for five cents. The kids went early to get the front seats. 
  • (Bob Karl is greeted as he passes.)  Sade says Mis' Donahue says Bob Karl is an inventor. Vic recalls some invention that was sort of a cross between a balloon and a plate of mashed potatoes. Vic concedes the guy may not be a half-wit – has an idea or two.
  • (Mis' Claysnort is greeted as she passes.)
  • Vic brings up The possibility that he'll get laid off. He regrets that if it happens, she and Rush may suffer a little. Sade reassures him he's done fine.
  • He admits he has half a notion to quit his job, figuring he could buy a gasoline station. He worries since he's not advancing at work anymore he's liable to become timid and lose his aggressiveness and fight.  "Gets so he looks forward to pay-day and old age like it was a relief."  He asks Sade to think about his gas station idea.  She says, "I'd be right behind you, whatever you did, Vic."  She asks for a kiss.
  • Mr. Jordan, passing by, witnesses the kiss. - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason 
The story about the inventor, Bob Karl, seems to be the first attempt we have seen at write Paul Rhymer making up a ridiculous, imagined character.  The Karl character is something straight out of the Uncle Fletcher friendbook, so to speak.

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