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32-09-21 Restart Excercising (Underwear By Mail Order)

  • Sade has trouble getting Rush out of bed. He asked to be wakened at 7 and now regrets it.  He and Vic plan to start exercising together.  Rush protests: "A fella really shouldn't get outta be too fast.  It's bad for the liver and…"
  • Rush doesn't intend to wear a shirt: "It's better to exercise naked."
  • Rush bets he could sleep from Christmas Eve 'til after the Fourth of July.  Sade says if he did that he'd miss Christmas presents and fireworks: "Better go to bed the day after Christmas and get up the day before the Fourth."  Rush: "Sure. Then I'll get all my Christmas presents on Christmas, go to bed, and wake up and shoot off a lotta firecrackers."
    Sade: "Better tell your friends to give you firecrackers for Christmas.
  • Rush goes off to wake Vic. He reminds Vic of their agreement to exercise. Vic cheerfully starts to get up but begins to drift back to sleep. Vic suggests Rush exercise, and he'll watch, offering helpful advice.
  • Rush threatens to sit on Vic's stomach, Then he threatens to involve Sade.
  • Sade wants to know: is Vic up and exercising?  He shouts double-talk, wants to know if breakfast is ready.
  • Vic suggests The exercise program should be started tomorrow. He says he feels stronger already. Sade calls them to breakfast, hopes they're not too worn out to eat. Rush says they're fine and turns to find Vic's still not out of bed.  - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
Unlike some of the other earlier episodes from 1932, I can actually see this one happening.  Missing are the worries that have plagued the Gooks in earlier episodes.

This episode contains the very funny Rush-Sade exchange about buying underwear via mail order (the bathtub, water etc.).

Audio Re-creation by American Radio Theater

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  1. On a You Tube interview, Bill I. tells that in this ep. the script was short and Rhymer went out and typed up the extra filler pages of the "underwear by bathtub" story! Rhymer was a real font of inventiveness of this world.