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32-10-18 Rush, Sade, and the Shirt

  • Rush wants his catcher's mitt – he's going to play ball in Seymour's vacant lot.  Steve Carlson's mitt had the stuffing coming out of it.  
  • Sade wants him to try on the first shirt she's ever made – especially for him.  He's reluctant – she insists.  He's rude about it, she's close to tears, Then he feels badly.
  • Sade refers to her sister May, age 23, in Dayton (where Vic and Sade honeymooned). 
  • Rush begins to cooperate, Sade makes note of the necessary adjustments – he's reluctant to leave now. After much hemming and hawing, he apologizes.  He wants to help clean up The ravelings.  He discovers she pricked her finger while working on The shirt, and he feels worse – begins to cry.  He resolves to never be mean to her again.
  • (Sade mentions Mis' Donahue and Ruthie Stembottom.)    - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
Times were so hard in 1932, Sade has to make a shirt for Rush.

My mother, who sewed a lot on a machine when I was a child, never even attempted to make me a shirt. It's quite likely that Sade had no machine yet was talented and patient enough to make Rush a shirt.

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  1. In many families (and at school) girls learned to make patterns and sew by hand. Ability varied, but often a neighbor with skills would help out. Not so unusual for the times.