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32-12-10 Locks of Sidney's Hair as Party Favors

Rush comes home with a shaved head... his parents are upset and feel bad for him until they find out the true purpose behind the deed.


Again, we see how tough times were in 1932 that the party favors were locks of hair! I wonder what kids would say today if they went to a party and were given hair? "Where's my iTunes gift card?"

This episode reminds me, that for some reason after 1934, all of
Rush's friends disappeared and were replaced with the gang we know today: Smelly, Cracky, Heinie, Rooster, Bluetooth, Vernon Peggles, Milton and the bunch. You could assume they all moved away or that Rush changed schools and lost his friends, but then you wonder whatever happened to...
  • Sidney Call? Sister of Heinie and Freda Chinbunny. She was much older than Rush (8 years) and it appears he had a crush on her.  She was cool with this and was sweet to him.  The Call family lived right there near the Gooks.  Did she die or get married or... 
  • Elton Keefer is the son of the Brickmush Man.  Where did Elton run off to?  
  • Bulldog was Rush's "great enemy".  The Drummonds did not move because Mrs. Drummond is seen in the alley in an episode that Russell is in.  The Drummonds live on University Blvd./Street (yes, both), the same street that Mis' Harris lived on - in other words, Bulldog lived nearly right across the alley, but apparently, became a hermit - or died.
  • Link?  Link was Rush's best pal.  They spent hours together.  But Link and his whole family aren't ever mentioned again that we know about after 1934.
What was so 'magical' about 1935 that suddenly made Paul Rhymer change Rush's friends, wholesale. And I do mean wholesale. You won't find his '32-'34 friends in his post-1934 world, or vice versa!

All of the friends on the list (above right) are important people in Rush's life (look 'em up on the character website if you don't believe me).


 + The phrase "given the mitten" is explained in detail, here.

 + When Vic sees Rush's baldish head, he tells him he "looks like a peeled onion" - the exact phrase Sade uses when she talks about Vic's choice of hats.

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  1. I wouldn't mind a lock of Mis Bucksaddle's hair. Quite a clever episode, a lot packed into so short a time. Rush sure settled down in later episodes.