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33-01-02 New Year's Day - What to Do?

  • Early afternoon on New Year's Day:  the family sits quietly. Rush complains that there's nothing to do. He wants to go over to Squirt's house.
  • Sade's already told him twice he can't because Squirt's mother has company coming in from Rockford. He suggests he could take his sled over to Roosevelt Hill.  She says nobody'll be there, and she'd like him to stay home: "You shouldn't be thinkin' of somethin' to do all The time.  New Year's Day is when families should stay home an' be nice to each other."
  • Vic comments on a news story: "Milton Cagey froze only one toe. Thinks maybe he had a weakness in that toe. Sade recalls Pete Spokes had a weakness in his head and everytime he ate anything fried he went crazy.
  • Rush spots Mr. Trogle walking by. Sade comments it's good to know he's all right – almost had pneumonia recently.
  • Rush continues to insist there's nothing to do. Sade cautions him to be grateful.  She suggests he read a book and offers to make fudge later. He'd rather go outside.  She offers to go out with him in the backyard to make snowballs. 
  • Vic suggests they go to the movies; Sade says not on New Year's Day. She suggests visiting someone. Vic stretches out for a nap. She wants to talk – he promises he won't fall asleep. Rush wants to go visit Fat Henry. Sade doesn't want to be left alone, which she'll be if Vic falls asleep.
  • Phone call from Mike "Cheat" Williams: The big boss is in town to address the personnel at Plant #14. Vic has to be there.  Vic: "He's gonna start in about twenty minutes. I got to hump."
  • Sade doesn't think she can get ready in twenty minutes. Vic says she's not expected to be there.
  • Rush tells Sade Gus Plink just passed by and signaled "Happy New Year" like a deaf ‘n' dumb fella.  Rush: "I expect he's goin' down to the depot an' watch the Hummer come in." 
  • Sade is willing to do whatever Rush wants to do for enjoyment. Rush wants to go see the Hummer come in.  Sade goes for her coat. Rush sees Mis' Marshall go by. Sade tries to attract her attention through the window but Mis' Marshall's hurrying.  
  • The phone rings. Earl Keefer invites Rush over for a game of indoor horseshoes.  Rush pleads for her permission. Sade hesitates, but gives in. Rush's excited because Earl's Uncle Joe the ventriloquist will be there. Sade insists he put on a clean shirt. Rush mentions Pig Jeffers will be there and Rush might be able to collect the eight cents owed to him. Sade thinks about visiting Mis' Fisher, then asks Rush if any of the kids' mothers will be at Keefer's.Rush: "No, all The ladies went for an auto ride. Nobody home but The kids and Uncle Joe."
  • Rush and Vic leave and see Sade in the window. They both decide to return home to keep her company on New Year's Day, making a detour to the drug-store to buy her some chocolate ice cream. - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
In the later episodes, Sade is always occupied with something or someone so why would she feel left out?  Sade is not a needy person at all in the later episodes.

Vic wanting to go to the movies?  This is not the Vic of later programs.

It appears as if the "indoor horseshoes" idea was first formulated by Rush's friend, Earl Keefer rather than Ike Kneesuffer.

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  1. Clearly an early sketch of future characters and experiments with behavior. A sweet story in any case, showing the way families often were.