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33-04-26 Vic Fixes Sade's Iron

  • Sade's after Vic to fix her iron.  She thinks Rush plays with it because it's shiny and it's electric.  "Anything that runs by electricity just gets Rush.  The other day he was foolin' around the wash-machine and…"
  • Sade explains to Vic: It turns on all right.  That's what's broke about it. When you turn it on, it shoots out electricity. 
    Vic: G'wan.  
    Sade: It does.  A blue puff of ‘lectricity.  Goes whoosh.
    Vic: Don't worry about me.  I usta give Thomas A. Edison lessons about electricity.
  • Vic is surprised that Sade's description of the iron's behavior is accurate.
  • (Sade refers to Rush being over in Franklin Park with Freeman, refers to Miller's Department store bargain sale, refers to Mis' Fisher seeing a fella on Washington Street.)
  • Sade continues to do the dishes, notices the lights are out over on Mason Street.
  • (Sade refers to Celia's husband working at the power plant, refers to Sara Kephart.)
  • Rush arrives and begins to assist Vic.  Sade won't even touch one of the washers Vic's removed from the iron, fearing she'll get a shock.  Vic and Rush see this as comical.  Sade notices Rush has torn his pants.  He had a coaster-wagon accident and his bottom is scratched up.  Sade sets about to apply first-aid.
  • Vic tells of J. K. Hodburner: "fell off a bobsled and skinned himself. Couldn't sit down.  That happened twenty-seven years ago, The eleventh of this coming May, an' he's been standing up ever since. He was too proud to lay down." 
  • Vic reassembles the iron, turns it on and blows a fuse.  - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
Since we can "see" into the future, we know Vic is pathetic at fixing anything electrical or mechanical.  Perhaps this is the episode where Sade begins to also see this and wises up to the fact that Vic should not be fixing things.

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  1. Vic and broken clocks, a match made in hell! Very common for folks hearing about electrical accidents to be fearful. Thurber wrote of an old lady (Grandma?) fearing electricity was leaking out of unfilled outlets.