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35-01-01 New Year's Day - Rush Has Three Jobs

It's New Year's Day and though there are big doin's at the Bijou (see below), Rush has three different and distinct jobs that will pay him money.

One job involves taking care of Mis' Harris' son, Gerald.  He's got another job wheeling around Grandpa Snyder (you may remember that he is confined to a wheelchair.)  And he has yet another job, walking Mis' Crane's dog around the park.

The time he is to meet these people and carry out his jobs all take place nearly at the same time.

He devises a scheme where he can do all three jobs.

  • At the Bijou: Donna Dreamerson and Conway Clayton in the film, True Hearts and Red Balloons; with added attractions Fatty Frisco and Dimples Duffy in the film, Look Out Below, and a special New Year’s presentation by the management showing pictures of local points of interest, together with short talks by various leading citizens (including Mr. Ruebush) and a Colorful Travelogue Depicting The Lovely Scenes in the Vicinity of Mont Blanc, with running comments by Dr. Benton J. Blatz, noted lecturer and explorer.
  • The Newspaper says: Miss Mable Coomer, until recently a student of The Commonwealth-Proctor Music Academy in Chicago to sing: “Red Bird Dying”, “Why Is Life So Short and Sweet?” “Into The Gloomy Grave Gladly Shall I Go” an’ “Heaven, Thou Art Very Near To Me”.
Imagine how little there was to do on a New Year's Day in 1935 if you didn't enjoy listening to football on the radio...

What to do? Head to the Bijou where an extravaganza of stuff is going on! Slides shows! A singer! A few movies!  They'd probably stop the show when Amos 'n' Andy came on the radio and pipe in the sound, as several movie theaters did just that in 1935.

They probably gave away a bicycle for the kiddies and dishes for the gals - pop might win a whole box of cigars, even if they weren't his favorite brand.


  1. That would be a great episode to have. For me it's a keeper!

  2. And if you don't like to watch football on TV, there's still not much do do on New Year's Day, shopping is out because the stores are closed, even today a lot of restaurants aren't open either. Unless a person can get together with another non football fan, and do what Vic & Sade did-go to a movie! Which shows that somethings haven't changed that much.

  3. The weather was probably bad too... and from all accounts, the Bijou was barely a block away from the Vic and Sade household!