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35-02-18 Vic Elected Exalted Big Dipper

  • Sade's sewing. Rush is studying in a wide assortment of postures.  He gets tired of sitting the same old way all the time.
  • Vic arrives home in Mr. Wilson's car after a lodge meeting, and
    he's in high spirits: "This is a very, very special occasion, kiddo.  If I'd thought of it, I'd a broke a window an' come in."  Vic has been elected to a lodge office, but insists Sade guess which one.  She's duly surprised and impressed that he was elected Exalted Big Dipper – "the whole cheese of the lodge".  He will take over the office from Mr. Clinton next Monday.  Sade wants to call and tell Ruthie, but remembers Fred was at the meeting so Ruthie would already be in on the news.
  • Rush: "Ya get to wear the red robe an' carry the fancy stick, Gov?"  Vic: "I do.  An', Rush, I hope the day will come when I can sit back in The sacred grotto an' watch you – a big, fine man – have affixed to your breast the Purple Diadem by which all men may know you too are a Sky Brother in the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way."
  • Vic goes to answer the phone. Sade encourages Rush to show some interest in this. On the phone is Sky-Brother Smelly Marlin.  He missed the meeting but heard the news and called to congratulate Vic.  Jake Adams also phones. Vic thanks him for his vote of confidence.
  • Rush mentions Rooster's father's a "big muck-an'-muck in some outfit, too.  He gets to wear spurs.  Think they call their gang ‘the Lofty Horsemen of the Five Continents'."
  • Ruthie phones to offer her congratulations. Vic promises to keep Fred in line.
  • Sade asks Vic to describe the election process.  Sky-Brother Phillips was nominated first, Vic second, and Sky-Brother Sponger was nominated third. Vic says he'd have bet $50 Sponger would have won.  He voted for him himself. 
  • "Pretty near fell outta my seat when they announced the results."  Vic: "Everything kinda went black."
  • Vic tells Sade Hank Gutstop was elected Little Dipper.
  • A phone call from Harley Blake (office fellow and also lodge member) about getting out certain invoices.  Vic probes to see why he wasn't at the meeting and asks if he's interested in the election results.  Harley's too busy, and that makes Vic angry.
  • Next, a call from the Daily Bulletin-Charger.  They want to send a man over to interview and photograph Vic.
  • Mr. Ruebush then calls with congratulations. Vic is deeply touched by his kind words.  
  • Rush: "Mom…"   Sade: "Yes…"   Rush: "I think Gov's cryin'."   - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason 
Vic's election to the office of Exalted Big Dipper coincides with Hank's office of Little Dipper.  Considering how long each has held their job, it's now easy to see why Vic holds Hank in such high esteem.

Holding an office in a lodge for as long as Gutstop did says something about his place on the town's social register I would think, despite where he sleeps.  This also makes Gutstop somewhat of an enigma.

Fred Stembottom was at the lodge meeting but perhaps he only came as a guest of Vic and because of the elections; we know he's not a member of the lodge.

The Daily Bulletin-Charger is the former name of the current Bloomington, Illinois newspaper, The Daily Bulletin.  Everything seems to point to the town the Gooks live in as being Bloomington.  I'd like proof from anyone that says otherwise!

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