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35-02-28 Lodge Robe Arrives

  • Vic wants to show off his Big Dipper robe for public ceremonies. Rush wants to go off and play; Vic would prefer that he stay and admire the robe.
  • A phone call from Hank Gutstop reveals that Hank has received his Little Dipper robe, too.  The two want to show them off around town and resolve to speak later. Maybe a lodge member has died or is getting married and they could attend as officials...
  • (Vic mentions the Sacred Stars' Slippery Saturn chapter of Oshkosh, Wisconsin)
  • Rush mentions Bulldog Drummond and was earlier hurling slurs at him.
  • Rush refers to Dirty Johnson on Mason Street.  He has a sick horse.  Vic mentions Dirty is a sky-brother.  Vernon Alberts' dad is a veterinarian. Rush says he not only doctors animals, he doctors Vernon too.  Rush calls up Vernon, asking for help.
  • Vic wants Rush's opinion on the robe...
Rush: Naturally, you look funny. 'Peculiar' is a better word.
Vic: "An angel looks peculiar, doesn't he?" 
Rush: "Ya mean because he's got wings an' wears no pants an'…"
  • Sade arrives and admires the robe. Vic's pleased.  He begins looking through the paper for a suitable wedding or funeral to attend in his robe.  Sade says she wouldn't have the nerve to wear it where people would see her.  She points out funerals aren't held at night.
  • Vic learns ol' man Weepman's funeral was yesterday – a missed opportunity.  Sade volunteers: "Mr. Thrawley on Osade Street is terrible sick."
  • Vic reads of a dedication of an office building in Peoria.  Rush says if Vic wore "that fancy overcoat" on the train the conductor would throw him right out on the vestibule.  Vic reads Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Leakley at 1102 S. Clinton are christening their baby that evening, but he doesn't know them.
  • Vernon calls with the news that Dirty Johnson's horse has died. Vic then calls Hank to arrange to honor the horse, with each wearing their new robes.  - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason 
Vic is so excited to show off his new Exalted Big Dipper robe that he'll go just about anywhere...  He settles for a horse's funeral - and you can image the sparse few in attendance to admire him.

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