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34-11-20 Mildred Tisdel's Memory Book

Ike Kneesuffer calls and is looking for Rush.  Ike had sent Rush out on an errand to get him a box of cigars.

Rush comes home not long after and is told of the call.  He's got the cigars but he's also got something he deems much more important:  a memory book.  Members of Mildred Tisdel's Sunday School class were all given memory books - a blank book where friends write little doo-dads for nostalgic purposes.  A girl in Mildred's Sunday School class, Bernice Miller, got many signatures and writings in her book from big wigs downtown - the mayor, fire chief and people from the bank.  Rush tells his parents about a scheme that he and Mildred have hatched.  He feels empathy for Mildred and her book.  He'll get his parents to write important things in the book and sign important people's names.

Vic will participate but Sade will not.

Some of the stuff that Vic writes down in the book is amusing:
I hope you enjoyed the box of chocolates I sent you. - Henry Ford
I shall never forget the afternoon we spent together in the Illinois Central Depot.  - Mary Pickford
My wife and I hope to see you for a few minutes at Christmas time.  - Mickey Cochrane 
Thank you very much for your last letter.  We were very much pleased to hear you are well.  - John D. Rockefeller
I shall never forget the pleasant little chat we had last August.  - Ethel Barrymore
And the best...
Sincerely hope the lillies-of-the-valley I sent you arrived in good condition.  - Strangler Lewis
Ike calls again wanting to know where his cigars are.  Rush delays.

Mildred calls wanting to know how it's all coming along.  Rush will come right over with the book - except - there's someone at the door.  It's Ike - and he's very angry - and wants to see Rush.

The plan to doctor up the memory book isn't an honest one and his motives are not pure either, since he and Mildred are both trying to 'stick it to' Bernice.

Sade wouldn't participate because she felt it was dishonest.  Vic didn't mind helping at all.  He had other comments he wished to put into the book but Rush decided against greetings from the nation's President and other unlikely well-wishers.

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  1. Hilarious, simply hilarious, Strangler Lewis et. al.!