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40-07-27 Uncle Fletcher Is Coming

All heck is breaking loose!  Vic has unexpectedly gone on a long business trip to Flick Orchard, Minnesota with Mr. Ruebush.  They're reorganizing Consolidated Kitchenware Plant #12.

Meanwhile, Sade's Uncle Fletcher has called to announce he's on his way to visit the Gooks.  Rush got the info, but not the time of arrival or how long he plans to stay.

Uncle Fletcher will be all things when is around, for he is funny, brilliant, long-winded, careless, caring, generous, selfish and well, the list goes on and on.

It's simple to describe Uncle Fletcher but at the same time, it's quite impossible.  He may be the most incredible character in radio history, and you might could include television history as well.  His stories are outlandish, but there's much more to him than that.  He's beyond explanation.


+ The notes say Plant #12 is in Minnesota but previous notes say Plant #12 is in Dismal Seepage, Ohio.  It could be Plant #2 or Plant #13?

+ The confectioner is named, Nick Cappolosius.  My eyes lit up when I realized this was THE GREEK!

+ This arrival of Uncle Fletcher would have been his first visit on the the program. (Not counting the introduction he was given at the end of the Crisco portion of the previous program, according to J. David Goldin's notes for August 26, 1940 - he used to have the transcription disc.)

+ 20/20 hindsight reveals that the excuse given that Vic is away on business (in Minnesota) means that Art Van Harvey (Vic) was actually quite ill at this time and Hartzell had been hired as Fletcher to fill in.

+ Uncle Fletcher "Will arrive on the New York, Monongahela an' Western Florida Railroad." (Sade has never heard of that railroad and she's sure if it does exist, it doesn't go through Dixon.)

+ Fletcher arrives on Gumpox's wagon, meaning: Howard and Gumpox were probably his first acquaintances in town.  And riding the garbage wagon was his first act after getting off the train (this would continue throughout the series.)

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