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40-xx-xx Uncle Fletcher, from Dixon, is a House Guest

Uncle Fletcher - a guest at the Gook house - has made himself at home.  He's gotten to know the neighbors and yells at them out the window (probably disturbing Mr. Donahue), he's made a very large number sign for the house (only he's painted the wrong address on it) and he's clumsily nailed himself to a chair.  He gets up at 5am and talks to himself.   He's also sent away for his rocking chair so that he can be more comfy.

This distresses Sade.  She is very mindful of Mr. Donahue's sleep and how her house looks.

She tries to get Rush to talk to Uncle Fletcher - to make him understand he needs to chill out.

I get the feeling that Rush does not worry about this as much as Sade is does. Rush sounds a bit like Vic here.

All these things that worry Sade, won't hold a candle to all kinds of crazy things he will do the rest of his Vic and Sade life.  After all, he just got to (*the town Vic and Sade live in.*)

And while there are many things about Uncle Fletcher to worry about, the only real thing that will really bother her in the future will be his comings and goings around the railroad and streetcar tracks (although a close second might be the the way  that he emotionally blackmails her at times - but that's for another episode.)

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