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36-12-01 Melvin Needs To Borrow Vic's Lodge Robe

Sade mentions Ruthie Stembottom and Fred's brother Melvin Stembottom visited this afternoon. Melvin's got a three-week job playing Santa Claus at Yamilton's. Melvin demonstrated the art of baby-talk. They stopped by to see if they could use Vic's lodge robe as a Santa Claus outfit.

1936 advert (Click to enlarge)
Vic is appalled at the idea. Sade says it wouldn't get damaged as Melvin would be inside the whole time and sitting still as an oyster.

Vic keeps his sense of humor but still sends Rush off to fetch Volumes 3, 7, 9, and 10 of his lodge library while Sade emphasizes that having the costume might make the difference whether Melvin keeps the job or not. Vic (reads): "Our founder, R. J. Konk, once said, Huius ad valorem sunt divisa in agrorum hunc. He meant, ‘No other warrior shall use my shield. My banner is my own until I die.'"

Sade thinks they ought to return some of the favors the Stembottoms have done for the Gooks. Vic prepares to offer further logic from Volume 7.

Please click on and read the skillet ad above; it adds a dimension to the script synopsis, since it was incorporated into the script (as will future Crisco advertisements).


* Part of Vic's existence is arguing with the neighbor men. Sometimes Vic will argue with Mr. Donahue, sometimes it's with Charlie Razorscum or sometimes it's with Mr. Drummond.

* And what would they be arguing about?  Well baseball for one thing.  But just two days prior to this broadcast, the headline in the Milkwaukee Journal paper was:
November 29, 1936
* Five years before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Maxim Litvinoff seems to have known something quite vital.  Since the U.S. and President Roosevelt were isolationists (*), it could be they were arguing about this.

[Oddly, Litvinoff, an anti-fascist Russian diplomat, was fired shortly after making this statement.]

* It's December 1936 and now R. J. Konk gets his rightful place as founder of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way.  Nine months earlier and Konk wasn't Konk and five others were musically taking considerable credit for his grey-eyes-magically-turning-blue mystical journey.

* It appears this script has one of the driest endings possible for Vic and Sade.  However, that's near-impossible to know without actually seeing the script.

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