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39-08-01 Vic Needs New Neckties

Vic is about to head off on a work-related trip. He complains about his terrible ties. Sade wrestles with him about it until she sees his rotten collection, then gives in.

The subject of ugly neckties shows up now and then in radio and early television - long after this episode had aired, of course. Writer Paul Rhymer wrote about so many subjects, he likely was the first to write about many, many subjects and do so comically.

Rhymer had a thing about putting mottoes on objects and allowing us to 'see' them.  Uncle Fletcher had a pillow with a motto and also wrote mottoes on some huge doorstops.  His landlady, Mis' Keller, had washrags with mottoes embroidered on them as well. 

What's strange about it is that all of the mottoes that show up in the series aren't even remotely funny.  A lot of the mottoes he shows us seem to be personalized to the point of where's/what's the humor in that?  I think this was his way of telling us that he thought mottoes on objects were just plain stupid.  Point taken!

[Rhymer was once gifted with a book about how to write mottoes.  So either he was really bad at it or it was given to him as a joke.  Of course, the joke could be entirely on us, as maybe he wrote them to be purposely not funny.]

By the way, Rhymer used to use his own neckties to wrap up his scripts before he put them away in boxes.


* The announcer's part of the script at the beginning says Vic and Sade were playing rummy.  It would be hard to believe that Sade was actually *playing* cards.  (see or see)

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