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39-12-15 Sade Needs A Gift – Quick!

  • Sade arrives to find Vic's not home, and she's got to scare up a Christmas present quick for Freda Chinbunny.  Freda's over at the Call's and Sade needs to find a suitable gift and hurry back there.
  • Rush offers to go grab something at the drug store, but Sade remembers Heine Call delivers for the store.  He'd see Rush and tell his sister, and she'd see Sade's a big fake.
  • Freda announced she and her husband (Mr. Chinbunny) were leaving on a trip on Sunday and won't be back until after Christmas.  Mis' Harris and Mis' Elder jumped up saying they'd better give Freda her gift now, and they ran off to fetch them, with Sade following soon thereafter.
    Sade: "Why they'd hafta realize I got no more Christmas present for Freda than a rabbit."
  • Rush suggests a book he found on the street-car tracks the other day: it's new, not a speck of dirt on it. He fetches it: "An Exhaustive Report of the Work of the Sub-Committee on the Boundary-Changing Issues of South-Central Indiana."  Sade doesn't feel this would be a suitable gift.
  • Rush refers to Edwin Tucket – on a Sunday school outing to a restaurant he ordered first and everyone else followed suit, even though they all hated fish.
  • Sade considers washrags, but Freda's "all stocked-up on washrags."
  • Sade: "No. Think of something, Rush. You're supposed to be a big high-school scholar drippin' over with brains.  I've got to get back there. Otherwise, they'll think I'm the biggest fake since the straw that broke the wood-pile."
  • After much more consideration, Rush takes a call from Smelly Clark and announces Smelly has solved the problem. He wants to hide his gift for his mother at the Gooks' house.  Rush suggests Sade grab an appropriate gift for Freda from among the gifts she's hiding for others and then replace it before Christmas.
  • She takes Mis' Harris' gift from Mr. Harry Sludge – a bottle of  perfume.  She tears off the gift tag and runs back to see Freda. - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason

Other than books Rush has in his possession in the series, every other book title mentioned is almost always some technical kind of book that would be boring to a layperson.

We know Sade loves washrags, but so do many others in town.

We find out that Mr. Sludge's first name is 'Harry.'  That's appropriate for someone who gets a mustache drawn on his face twice in the series. [1] [2]

See the short script/synopsis

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