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32-06-29 Vic, Do You Still Love Me?


A little dialogue:
SADE: The only time you pay attention to me is when you want me to pass the gravy or press your pants, or massage your scalp.  Vic, do you love me as much as you did when you married me?  Romance is something that wears out gradually, something that's too fine and fragile to be handled by human beings... long after they know it's nothing and never was anything.
See the New York Times radio schedule for June 29, 1932 (center column, bottom)
The title is one I made up; I do not know the real title as I found the dialogue in a magazine.  Therefore, the title is for identification purposes only.  The date, however, is assumed to be correct.

I have been known to say (in the past) that there is little or no passion between the couple.  This episode (though we don't know the conclusion) seems to show that Sade was at least seeking romance.

Vic hurts Sade by telling her she hasn't canned an adequate supply of foods.

Vic was a newspaper addict (eventually, they would both succumb to it) yet in 1932, Sade seemed to yearning for his approval.

This may be a case of the show teetering on a soap opera in the beginning stages - or maybe not.

According to the book, Vic and Sade on the Radio: A Cultural History of Paul Rhymer's Daytime Series, page 26, Sade calls Vic, "Darling" in this episode but serves him cold eggs and coffee due to her inefficiencies.

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