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34-02-01 Checkers

Bit of dialogue, only:

RUSH: I'd like to figure out a move where I'll get one of yours.

VIC: Sit here long enough and I'll die of old age.

RUSH: Looks like I'm in a bad fix.

VIC: Why doncha move here?

RUSH: Yeah and let you get two of my men.

VIC: Just a suggestion. Nothing is so wretched as a slow checker player. One of the world's greatest curses.
The date is correct, however, I made up the title only because I do not know the correct title. It is used for identification purposes only.


  1. Vic sure enjoys winning! "That's Vic one, Rush nothing," to quote him from an episode, and he said it at least twice!

    1. I'm not replying to correct you but it's IMPORTANT to note that Rhymer had Vic say, "VICTOR one, Rush nothing". VICTOR means winner = VIC means uh, well, nothing like "winner". :)

      Also, Vic never beats Sade at cards = she actually never plays him, even though they are "playing".