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34-xx-xx Vic Breaks in Mr. Ruebush's Pipe

Rush jaunts down cellar to join his dad who is seated, about to break in a pipe for his boss, Mr. Ruebush.

Vic tries to point out all of the nuances for eager Rush about smoking a pipe with fine tobacco (South Dakota Mine Run Fine Cut.)

Rush relays how he is eager to smoke when he someday turns 21 years of age.  He relays stories about how he almost smoked a cigar and how he's smoked various types of brush around the house.

Vic, a long-time cigar smoker, is not used to the pipe and it's large bowl.  Eventually, he succumbs to Mother Nicotine and Rush must call down Sade to save him from further sickness.

Vic, the showoff, is fully given his comeuppance by writer Paul Rhymer, who made a habit of faithfully turning Vic's ego upside down for most all of the show's run.  This early episode (1934 - and taken from the book, Vic and Sade: The Best Radio Plays of Paul Rhymer) shows that even early on, Vic is often his own fall guy.

Here, a simple thing such as smoking a brand new, beautiful pipe - that has Vic talking smack to Rush about what a seasoned smoker he is - cause trouble. Rush looks up to his old man and lets Vic know how he is watching every detail.  Vic goes overboard (as usual) in his approach.  When reading the script, you knew Vic was in trouble when he showed Rush how to strike a match!

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