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40-11-08 Mis' Keller and Uncle Fletcher to Move to Town

  • Vic and Rush arrive home to find Sade in a pensive mood. Mis' Keller has just left, having announced that she's renting a house on Kelsey Street, and Uncle Fletcher will be living there as well.
  • Rush is delighted as a horse. Sade isn't so sure.
  • Vic asks why they've decided to leave Dixon. Mis' Keller's married daughter has settled in town, and she wants to live nearby.
  • Vic asks how can Uncle Fletcher tear himself away from Dixon?  Sade says he'd rather do that than tear himself away from the comforts of home.  Vic still wonders how he can tear himself away from his cronies in Dixon.  Sade explains his cronies are just about all gone:  Mr. Wheepman passed away in October. Last year Steve Juggle and P. W. Fleem died.
  • Sade's having trouble imagining Uncle Fletcher living right in town, so close to the Gooks. Rush and Vic think he'll adjust quickly.  Rush: "He don't take any raw oatmeal off'n anybody.  Quiet and peaceful a a horse, but some guy rub him the wrong way an' there's liable to be a paste upside the snoot."
  • Vic suspects Sade is wary about the move because she has a sneaking idea that Uncle Fletcher will be underfoot all the time. Sade admits, "he's such a cotton-head.  Like some little child. Person worries over him like they would an infant.  Always botchin' stuff up."  Sade feels responsible for him, and she's embarrassed at his riding on the garbage wagon covered in potato peelin's and introducing himself as her uncle.
  • Rush answers the phone;  it's Uncle Fletcher, calling long distance.  Rush: "We're all happy as horses about it.  Best news I've heard in a coon's age."  Vic tells Fletcher: " I understand, an' I've left word with the sheriff not to let you inside city limits ."  
  • Sade decides after all that she's glad Uncle Fletcher's moving to town. - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
Having Uncle Fletcher move to town will change the lives of most everyone associated with the family.  Sade's life will change the most as it is like she has another child to watch over.

Mis' Keller's daughter is Florence Upskutch.

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